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Original Cast and Celebrity Guests

The BTTF DeLorean has enjoyed visits from the original cast and lots of celebrity guests over the years.
Its always a pleasure to meet so many lovely people that are fans of the amazing trilogy.

Back to the Future Original Cast and Crew

We are very proud to be able to say that we work very close with the original cast and crew.
Appearing together with Michael J Fox & Christopher Lloyd at the Scream awards 2010.
Travelling to Switzerland to support legendary composer Alan Silvestri in 2015
Not to mention supplying the car for the 30th anniversary cast reunion held in London Summer 2015.
Furthermore working with Christopher Lloyd for the Back to the Future Musical Launch in 2019.
As you can see we have been very busy doing many official events over the years.

Ready Player One Original Cast and Crew

We were very honoured to have be involved with The European Premiere of Ready Player One.
The BTTF DeLorean dressed the blue carpet  to greet the celebrity guests arrived.
Of course cast members jumped at the chance to get a photo with the DeLorean.
Without a doubt the icing on the cake was when Steven Spielberg came over,
sat in the passenger seat and signed the dash of the car.

Hollywood Celebrity Guests

Some of the celebrity guests to the BTTF DeLorean  have come from blockbuster movies
and it’s amazing to see them get excited around the DeLorean.
 I guess even Hollywood stars grew up watching Back to the Future like everyone else in the 80’s

TV Celebrity Guests

Sports Celebrity Guests